Our clients Ginger and Alan journeyed to the breathtaking Hermitage Bay resort for an intimate Antigua destination wedding. Here are the newlyweds’ thoughts on their classic Caribbean beach wedding, why they opted for a “just-for-two” ceremony, and how Hermitage Bay went above and beyond to make their big day extra special.

Ginger and Alan at the breathtaking Hermitage Bay Resort for their intimate Antigua destination wedding

Why did you decide to have an Antigua destination wedding at the Hermitage Bay resort?

Ginger: We actually called the Hermitage Bay just a week before our trip to see if we could get married there. We were already scheduled to have our honeymoon at the resort, and rather than deal with the logistics of getting all of our family together, we decided we wanted to tie the knot with just the two of us. We have no regrets about doing that, because being alone on the beautiful beach was just awesome.

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What was the wedding ceremony set up like at the Hermitage Bay resort?

Ginger: We were lucky enough to have absolutely perfect weather. We said our vows on the beach, which they set up with really pretty bamboo shells and an arbor overlooking the water.

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What was the most memorable part of your Hermitage Bay Antigua destination wedding ceremony?

Ginger: Something so funny happened when the Hermitage Bay team went to go retrieve my bouquet! A gentleman who was staying three villas down from us came out, wearing no shirt or shoes, and saw that we were about to get married. He asked, “Do you need a witness or someone to walk you down the aisle?” I said “yes!”

He ran back to his villa and grabbed a shirt and jacket — he even picked out a pink shirt to match our cake. And he walked me down the aisle, it was so sweet. He was actually a minister for the Church of England in London, and now we have his signature as a witness on our marriage license!

Alan: For me, the best moment was when I saw Ginger for the first time. They had me facing out toward the water under the arbor, and then I turned around when Ginger arrived — it was a great moment.

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 What else did the resort’s wedding package include?

Ginger: Our cake and flowers were included, and they were just gorgeous. Pink day lilies and roses made up my bouquet. That night, we had dinner on the beach, just the two of us. And in the morning, they served us a champagne breakfast in our villa.

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The team at Hermitage Bay really made it special for us.

I opted to have two girls come and do my hair and makeup — otherwise, in that weather, I would have looked like a hot mess! And the guest services coordinator actually went with us into town to get our marriage license.

Alan: It really couldn’t have been better, it was a first-class experience. The Heritage Bay team made it completely trouble free. It was perfect. All we had to do was show up and they took care of the rest! I don’t think it could have been a better setting — we both loved the beach, and the beautiful arbor and stone path.

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Apart from your wonderful wedding ceremony, what else struck you about your resort experience?

Alan: The food was really excellent. We’ve been to a lot of different countries, but the food at the Hermitage Bay really stood out. They had lots of different choices, fresh seafood, and really wonderful breakfasts.

And our villa was wonderful. It was just steps from the beach, which is exactly what we wanted. When you sign up for the wedding package, you can upgrade to a villa in the mountainside — but we wanted beachfront.

Our villa was perfect for lounging on the beach and just taking it easy.


How did Southern Travel Agency help you plan your Hermitage Bay Antigua destination wedding and honeymoon?

Alan: I simply walked into the Southern Travel Agency office near us and told our Augusta travel agent Jane Roberson that I wanted to take Ginger somewhere great in the Caribbean — a resort that was relaxing and upscale. She immediately recommended Hermitage Bay.

Jane booked all of it for us and really took care of everything. It was a completely hassle-free. She took care of everything. Hassle free. We’re looking forward to two more trips that we’ve booked with Jane, to Bermuda and Turks and Caicos.

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Want your own breathtaking Antigua destination wedding — or simply want to experience the luxurious elegance of the Hermitage Bay resort?

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