Design Lover’s Paris Tour Guide: 5 Luxurious Things to Do in Paris

bird eye view of Paris, Paris tour guide - luxurious things to do in Paris

No doubt about it, Paris is one of the most luxurious, elegant cities in the world. But sometimes, it’s hard to enjoy that luxury when you have to share the moment with 1,000’s of other tourists. Luckily, Paris has enough spellbinding boulevards, museums, and monuments to go around. If you love good architecture and design, then this Paris tour guide is for you. Explore our top 5 most luxurious yet under-the-radar things to do in Paris for design and luxury lovers.


Where to Go and When to Plan for a Holiday Vacation – Escape the Holiday Stress

Big Ben, London, England, where to go and what to do in Europe

If you’re looking to escape the stress of the holidays, or just spend some more intimate time with your closest loved ones, there’s no better way to do that than through travel. A holiday vacation is the best gift of all!

It’s important to keep in mind, however, that a holiday vacation really worth savoring takes time to plan. If you’re thinking of vacationing around the holidays next year, then start planning that vacation now. Photo by Rich Lock on Unsplash


Christmas Around the World

Galeries Lafayette, Paris, France, is especially notable; here, giant pink presents are suspended from the intricate dome.From the bustling Christmas markets in Europe to the humongous tree decked out in tinsel at New York’s Rockefeller Center, the spirit of Christmas can be seen all around the world. To celebrate this cheeriest of holidays, we wanted to share with you a collection of photos that showcase how Christmas is celebrated in different countries.

Enjoy this quick holiday-themed travel tour without ever leaving your home this Christmas day!


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