Chapter Three  The Falklands and “At Sea”

Wednesday, January 1, 2020

Everyone was a little slow this New Years Morning. I wonder why?

Scenic Antarctica Cruise

We took the enclosed tenders into Stanley, the capital of the Falklands.  This was a dock landing so no need to worry about getting wet. I chose the bus tour. It was a small city bus so the ability to get off and on and to see everything was excellent. We had many stops. While we were stopped in front of the governor’s house, out he came by himself to raise the flag up the pole. The driver tooted and he waved. However, he didn’t look very happy. Maybe he also partied hardy like we did.

It is a charming little Falklands town. It reminds me of some of the villages in Nova Scotia.

After the two hour tour, I got right back on the tender for the ship. The wind was so strong it was about to blow me down. The sea was very choppy and it took three attempts to tie up alongside the ship.

Scenic Antarctica Cruise

The afternoon was spent taking a long winter’s nap.

The next two days were spent at Sea. We rested up for the adventures ahead. We went to a cabaret show and ate and ate. It was a long two days. I am rethinking my desire to do an ocean crossing. I think that can come off my bucket list.


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