The next two days were spent at sea on the way to Antarctica. There was a lot of downtime but plenty to do if you wanted to stay busy. I chose the downtime option. At night there was always entertainment. One night we had a wonderful performance of Cabernet music by our guest entertainer, Michael. There’s always dancing when he performs and this night was no exception.

Scenic Antarctica Cruise

Thursday the 9th we anchored off Elephant Island and I had my first helicopter ride over the island. It was awesome. 

Scenic Antarctica Cruise

Friday I stepped in the Continent of Antarctica! I have now been on all 7 Continents. After all of my travels, I can finally say that. I’ll scratch that off the Bucket list. However, I am afraid my list is getting longer instead of shorter. Oh dear!  

Scenic Antarctica Cruise

The next four days were spent visiting new landing spots, seeing more but different species of penguins, sea lions, seals, and birds. There were times when we would see pods of humpback and killer whales. I took two more helicopter rides. Each one was more beautiful than the last. 

Scenic Antarctica Cruise

Our last two days were spent at sea. The Drake Chanel was remarkably calm. Everyone had warned me about it but our ship is awesome. It takes to the seas like it was on a clear flat pond. Sometimes there were 10-12 foot swells but you would never feel any motion. 

My time on The Scenic Eclipse will come to an end tomorrow with mixed emotions. I’m sad to leave but anxious to get home to my family and pups.


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