Imagine traveling on one of the beautiful luxury small cruise ships: Leaning over the veranda of your cabin, so close to the water you can feel the spray sprinkle your face. Taking a dip in an infinity pool as the sun sets below the horizon.

Photo courtesy of Seadream Yacht Club.

Docking in the heart of an off-the-beaten path destination, and having the pristine beach practically all to yourself.

Yes, it’s possible to have a cruising experience like this. And no, we’re not talking about river cruises (though we’re big fans of those as well!). If you’re craving more privacy, more personalized service, and more “me” time on your next cruise, luxury small cruise ships may be the perfect match for you.

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The Advantage of Traveling In Luxury Small Cruise Ships

It really comes down to one word: Intimacy.

Unlike the common ocean cruisers that carry upwards of 3,000+ passengers, small ship cruising provides a completely different atmosphere and experience.

On a small cruise ship, you have more breathing room, more personal attention from staff, and more chances to get up close and personal with the astounding destinations you visit.

Cruising for First Timers

A cruising experience on one of the luxury small cruise ships is a great introduction to cruising for first timers. Instead of feeling overwhelmed by the thousands of other passengers — and the sheer massive size of the ocean cruiser itself — the focus is on creating intimate connections.

“Cruise Fatigue”

And for travelers who are suffering from “cruise fatigue,” small ship cruising provides an opportunity to cruise with a different perspective. If you’ve been feeling that ocean cruises have become old hat, small ship cruising will change all that.

Combining the all inclusive nature of cruising with the intimate feel of a boutique resort, luxury small cruise ships are more than worth a second glance.


Here are Three of our Favorite Cruise Lines Currently Serving Up Impressive Experiences for Discerning Travelers:


Luxury small cruise ships, Seaboard cruise line

Photo courtesy of Seabourn.

Seabourn Cruise Line

  • No ship in Seabourn’s fleet has more than 300 suites, which means you only have to rub elbows with other passengers if you want to.
  • Every room opens up to an ocean view, and 90 percent of rooms have verandas.
  • You’ll find a load of luxury touches in Seabourn suites’ bathrooms, clad in sparkling marble. Bathtubs and showers are separated, lending you far more space than a typical ocean cruiser cabin.

What’s more, Seabourn’s ships are agile enough to dock in both marquee destinations and smaller ports.

Thus, Seabourn cruise line can provide more unique, upscale itineraries, like exploring the breathtaking coastal towns of southern France.


Luxury small ship cruises, Viking ocean cruises

Photo courtesy of Viking Ocean Cruises.

Viking Ocean Cruises

You may associate the name “Viking” with river cruises, but the beloved brand launched its ocean cruise line in 2013 with its Viking Star ship.

  • The Viking Star straddles the line between small ship and mega cruiser with room for 928 passengers.
  • Foodies, take note: the Viking Star boasts more al fresco dining options than any other ship at sea.

Another unique luxury touch?

  • King size beds in every suite, a rare amenity for ocean cruises!
  • Truly all-inclusive; the price of your Viking Ocean Cruises vacation includes a guided excursion in every port, wine and beer with every meal, and free wifi.
  • Itineraries focus on northern and western Europe and the Mediterranean.
  • For a true trip of a lifetime, you can combine two Viking Ocean Cruises itineraries for cruises that last up to 50 days.


Luxury small cruise ships, Seadream cruises

Photo courtesy of Seadream Yacht Club.

Seadream Cruises

Seadream Yacht Club is in a class of its own. This line doesn’t just offer itineraries aboard luxury small cruise ships — you get to vacation aboard a true yacht.

What’s the difference?

  • Seadream’s two yachts have just 54 state rooms and two suites.
  • With 95 crew members and a cap of 112 guests, you get an unparalleled level of personalized service.

At once refined and informal, Seadream cultivates an air of casual elegance on board. The ship’s size makes it more agile than other ocean cruisers — even other luxury small cruise ships.

This means you get to explore every island’s nook and cranny during your Mediterranean or Caribbean itinerary.

Seadream’s tagline sums it up perfectly: “It’s yachting, not cruising — enjoy the difference.”


Sail Away, with STA’s Help

Intrigued by the sound of small ship cruising — but not sure which cruise line is right for you? Our online travel advisors would love to pair you with the perfect ship. Just get in touch with our local Southern Travel Agency travel agents near you or our online experts for a free travel consultation.

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