Whether you have a honeymoon, anniversary, destination wedding, or simply an adults-only holiday on the horizon, a vacation planner is the ultimate must-have while planning any romantic getaway. More than just an automated website with finite, inside-the-box options, a vacation planner is a real person who can truly tailor experiences while turning your dream vacation into a tangible reality. Read on to find out some of the many ways our expert travel planners can bring value to your vacation!


7 Things a Vacation Planner Can Do for You

  1. Understand Your Needs — It’s always a gamble whether reality will live up to expectations or not when relying on an algorithm behind a screen to fulfill your travel desires. With a Southern Travel Agency vacation planner, you can rest assured that your needs have been heard. We take the time to speak with every client over the phone to ensure we’ve got a feel for who you are and can anticipate the needs specific to you.
  2. Get Down to Details — Think of your Southern Travel Agency romance vacation planner as the difference between merely booking a trip vs. designing an experience. Our one-on-one interactions with you allow us to customize even the smallest details to your liking. From securing that window seat on the plane to providing the perfect wine pairing for your dessert, we bring every detail of your dream vacation to fruition.
  3. Offer Specialized Counsel for Special Moments — Unlike a one-size-fits-all online system, our team of skilled individuals provide differentiation when it counts. The Southern Travel Agency staff consists of two Sandals® certified wedding planners to give couples planning their special day more refined skill and counsel.
  4. Alleviate Travel Stress — Your relationship with a professional vacation planner is an enduring connection that you can count on like a concierge service. In the event of unpredictable obstacles (i.e. weather, delayed flights, etc.), you can rely on us take care of any itinerary updates, allowing you to continue your trip smoothly and without interruption. At Southern Travel Agency, we even make sure to give every client our personal cell numbers to ensure that we are available around the clock for assistance and advice.
  5. Save Time and Money — With over 30+ years of experience in luxury and romance travel, you could say that we’ve been around the metaphorical block a few times. Save yourself some tedious Googling time and leave all the researching to the experts! Plus, our long-lasting relationship with resorts, restaurants, and businesses in the romance travel sector means we can offer clients exclusive upgrades, offers, and savings. Double win!
  6. Suggest Something New — Since our vacation planners develop real relationships with you, we have an opportunity to cultivate knowledge of your dreams and desires that online systems simply can’t achieve. Coupled with our extensive professional background in romance travel, this allows us to make intuitive suggestions inspired by your personal preferences that you may not have considered before!
  7. Create Unforgettable Experiences — At Southern Travel Agency, our expert romance vacation planners are dedicated to making your trip memorable from touchdown to take-off. Unlike online booking agents, we are hands-on throughout the entire travel process to help you make memories that will last a lifetime


Planning a Romantic Vacation?

No matter what kind of getaway you’ve been dreaming of, our vacation planners are ready to help you create the perfect vacation, unique to your personal needs and greatest desires. Consider adding some of these special experiences to your custom-made itinerary!


For Couples who Like to Relax by the Beach

Tropical Vacation Checklist:

  • From securing beach-side rooms to booking a rejuvenating afternoon at the spa, we ensure you’ll be lounging in luxury at one of favorite all inclusive resorts.
  • Looking to spend some quality time together? Our vacation planners can help you arrange intimate experiences, like candlelit dinners on the beach or a couples massage with an ocean view.
  • Enjoy an atmosphere of utter indulgence, even when you eat! We take care of all the reservations for couples who dream of dining in Michelin-star restaurants.


For Couples Hoping to Mix Romance with Family Time

Summer Vacation Checklist:

  • Don’t worry about what the kids are up to when you sneak away for a romantic evening. We ensure your children have a safe space to play in while you enjoy some quality time together.
  • From bicycling around Rome to securing character meet-and-greets at Disney World, our vacation planners help you weave family activities into your vacation itinerary so the whole gang can enjoy time together.
  • Let us find the resort that provides both the atmosphere and the amenities to please every generation attending your family reunion. With our expert knowledge, we can match destinations and activities to the range of needs that larger gatherings require.


For Couples Who Want to Discover Europe

European Vacation Checklist:

  • From waking up to a view of the Eiffel Tower outside your balcony to staying walking distance from the Spanish Steps, we help you secure accommodation in prime locations.
  • Rather than being rushed along with handfuls of other couples and families, go your own pace and receive individual attention from knowledgeable local guides when you let us book private tours of historical castles and sites.
  • Cover more ground without hassle and opt for a luxury river cruise to whisk you away to multiple European excursion locations.


For Couples Seeking Some Caribbean Flair

Caribbean Vacation Checklist:

  • Forget overcrowded beaches and noisy tourist traps. We can take you to tranquil spaces that allow you time to recharge while also experiencing the tropical beaches that characterize the Caribbean;
  • Alleviate the anxiety that comes with traveling. Let us take care of all the little things, like having a comfortable car ready for you as soon as you touch down at the airport.
  • Ever thought of what it would be like to have a private butler wait on you hand and foot? We suggest and book luxury upgrades and treatments that allow you to fully unwind from everyday stress and simply focus on each other.
Simply focus on each other and have a private butler waiting on you hand and foot. Click To Tweet


For Couples who Love Exploring the Outdoors

Adventure Vacation Checklist:

  • From African safari lodges to luxury campsites under the stars, enjoy all the comforts of home and ensure a full night’s rest before being immersed in the wilderness when you let us take care of accommodation.
  • Skiing the Swiss Alps? Diving the Great Barrier Reef? Our vacation planners make sure you’re provided with all the technical gear you need to fulfill your wildest dreams.
  • Whether you want to climb to the top of Machu Picchu or hold hands as you zip line through Costa Rican rainforests, we take care of all the backend essentials to ensure you can complete bucket list items and share extraordinary experiences together!


Ready to Make Your Dream Vacation a Reality?

We believe that you deserve to live your dream vacation, and together we can make it happen. Contact us today for a complimentary consultation with one of our expert romance vacation planners!

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