Sandals Royal Caribbean Resort and Private Island

island view of the Sandals Royal Caribbean luxury resort and private island

As Jamaica’s most alluring retreat, the Sandals Royal Caribbean resort takes you to opposite sides of the world. From its regal British Manor — and mannerisms — to the mysterious Orient on a private offshore island minutes from the resort, you get to experience the best of both worlds.

Set along a pristine ribbon of beach in Montego Bay, the resort’s elegant British accent begins with a proper arrival through a grand port cochere. Continue on to a noble Georgian-style Great House surrounded by tropical gardens.

This is where the highbrow side of you will enjoy continental breakfast in bed and afternoon tea. High tea to exotic Thai in old world Jamaica … the Sandals Royal Caribbean luxury resort gives you several exotic vacation packages for the price of one.


Sandals La Grande St Lucia – We are Getting Married!

bride and groom at the beach, Sandals La Grande St Lucia beach wedding

How much fun can a Sandals La Grande St Lucia honeymoon be? If these pictures are any indication, smiling-ear-to-ear fun! Our clients Roland and Cheryl recently celebrated their “wedding-moon” at the most beautiful and best Sandals resort in St Lucia. From awe-inspiring sunsets to that endless blue ocean, Sandals Grande St Lucian proved to be the perfect backdrop to Roland and Shannon’s dream destination wedding.


Tahiti Honeymoon Ideas: Your Guide to Honeymoons in French Polynesia

a couple scuba diving in front of over-the-water bungalows in clear blue-green water on their tahiti honeymoon vacation

It’s the land of over-the-water bungalows, water as clear and still as glass, with colorful sea life teeming just below the surface. Remote, romantic, utterly luxurious. This is French Polynesia, a dreamy region in the South Pacific. For many, a Tahiti honeymoon represents the ultimate romantic escape for two. But are you familiar with the other stunning islands that make up French Polynesia? If you’re looking to jet off to paradise for your honeymoon, use this post as you guide to the region’s most romantic islands for honeymoons and just-for-two escapes:


Get Swept Away at Sandals Emerald Bay

Get Swept Away at Sandals Emerald Bay

Have you ever had a travel experience that absolutely exceeded every one of your expectations? My wife Lauren and I had such an experience recently, at the Sandals Emerald Bay resort in the Exumas, Bahamas. While we were only there for a few days, I think we’d both agree that it was one of the best vacations we’ve taken together.

That’s why I wanted to use the space in this blog post to share our experience with our readers. We had too much fun not to share!

Read on to get the inside scoop on what made this luxury resort so special to us.


[Client Interview] Entertainment at Sandals Whitehouse Jamaica – 2nd Day of our 20-Year Wedding Anniversary

Le Cabaret entertainment at Sandals Whitehouse Jamaica, all inclusive resort can be booked through Southern Travel Agency Augusta, GA

Looking for nightly entertainment at Sandals Whitehouse suggestions? Day 2 of our Sandals Whitehouse wedding anniversary vacation was spent hanging out on the beach, reading a good book, taking a nap and sampling the mixed drinks from the pool bar. After some much needed rest and relaxation, we wanted to stay up a little later and sample some of the outstanding entertainment themes the Sandals Whitehouse resort has to offer.

After dinner at Giuseppe’s, we headed over to Le Cabaret to listen to Opera Rasta Man Singer Rory Frankson. Then the resident band, Legal Vibration, kept the party vibe going.


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