Santorini Travel – Client Italy and Greece Travel Journal: The following entry is an excerpt from Esther’s own travel journal. Our Augusta team of experienced travel agents are excited to share her travel story.

Photo by Orlando Brooke on Unsplash

Chapter 6. Esther’s Vacation in Santorini, Greece

Saying Goodbye to Italy

“After a 4-hour drive beginning at 6:30 AM I left Sorrento and the Amalfi Coast and arrived at the Rome airport.

First thing — I was told I could not sit in my Row 1A seat.

It is a designated exit row. I think I have heard that before. Like maybe Air France better known as Air Chance. This time, however, they were very helpful.

Unlike Air Chance, they DID NOT put me on standby.

They put me in Row 2 and blocked the seat next to me.

Attitude is Everything

Since I was in such a good mood I didn’t even mind the hour and fifteen minutes I had to wait for a wheelchair. Attitude is very important. Mine AND theirs.

Arriving for my vacation in Santorini, Greece

The flight was uneventful and the service was wonderful when I arrived in Santorini. I was met by Dion, my driver for the next 4 days.

The Island is beautiful.

It is a crescent moon shaped caldera and the sea in front of it is the lake from the largest volcanic eruption in history, 20,000 years ago. No, I didn’t put too many zeroes there. Enough about the Island. I will let the pictures speak for themselves.

Family Dinner on a Cliff

I was picked up for dinner by Amadeus and Dion and taken to yet another family place. This one overlooking the island on a cliff. This one was more formal but still family. Again the food was delicious.

Touring the Island and Family Lunch on the Beach

Sunday all day we spent touring the Island and stopping for lunch at the only beach.

This is a seasonal beach that doesn’t open until May 1 so other than shop and restaurant owners working to get things open I was the only tourist there.

We had fresh fish and I chose my fish from the refrigerator.


And, you guessed it, it was another family-owned restaurant.

I never dreamed when I said I wanted to go to places the locals went I would actually do that. The eating experiences on this vacation have been a highlight for sure.

Sleeping in a Cave on the Side of a Cliff

Monday was my do nothing day of rest and I really needed it. The only thing I did was sit on my cave balcony and soak it all in.

Oh, I forgot to tell you, I am staying in a cave on the side of a cliff.

It’s a cute little 2-bedroom house.

I took a walk around the marble streets (that’s cheaper than cement here) of the little town and found a place to eat on my own.

Very good homemade food family style in Italy and Greece, there goes the girlish figure. Share on X


It was very good too so maybe food is just good in these two countries. Or maybe I’m getting enough exercise to actually have an appetite.

Oh dear!!  

There goes that cute young figure.

Tomorrow I will take the ferry to Mykonos. That’s what I call my “cruise ship” experience.”


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