Imagine: when you arrive at your destination, a guide picks you up from the airport gate, leads you to your private car, and whisks you away to the start of an incredible vacation. You wander the halls of the country’s top museum on a personal tour, then your guide leads you to a restaurant serving incredible regional cuisine that only the locals know about. You end your day being dropped off by your guide at your hotel, a bottle of your favorite champagne waiting in your suite.

This highly personal, incredibly customized travel experience caters to your indvidual desires—you get to see, taste, and do exactly what you want, with a guide to help you navigate along the way. Sounds good, right? Read on for why you should indulge in a highly customized travel experience for a journey of a lifetime that you’ll never forget:


Indulging in a Highly Customized Travel Experience for a Journey of a Lifetime

1.Travel and transportation becomes easy. 

Often, figuring out how to get to from Point A to Point B is the most stressful part of traveling—especially if Points A and B are under-the-radar spots in far-flung, exotic destinations. But a private tour experience can eliminate that stress. Private, ultra-customized tours are often called “white glove” travel—that’s because you essentially have a personal assistant with you every step of the way. That especially comes in handy when you’re navigating a foreign country for the first time; customized tours, like those offered through Ker & Downey, eliminate any travel anxiety you might have by making travelling within and between foreign countries luxurious, not stressful. For a highly-customized vacation experience, we can arrange for a travel assistant to greet you at the airport as soon as you land and then transport you to your destination. You won’t be stuck trying to figure out complicated train or plane schedules (often in different languages) yourself—a travel escort will be there to demystify the transportation experience for you.

2. Get up close and personal. 

Let’s face it: trying to see the sights on a big group tour means you’ll be missing out on something. You often feel like you’re just part of a herd of cattle, being led from tourist site to tourist site without a chance to explore something that catches your eye by yourself. But when you take a private tour with a vetted, local guide you can get extremely up close and personal with incredible culture, wildlife, and more. For example, Ker & Downey offers a private safari adventure through the beautiful country of Namibia, including a stop in the Etosha National Forest. While there, visitors get the chance to track the elusive white rhino on foot with a guide—you can’t get more “up close and personal” than that. And with personal tours, you can linger at a certain spot that intrigues you without feeling like you’re holding up the rest of the group—or that they’re going to leave without you!

3. Tailor your trip to your exact tastes. 

Travel serves many different purposes; sometimes you just want to relax and unwind on a cruise or at a beach resort—but sometimes you travel to experience in-depth a culture or place that has truly captured your imagination. That’s where unique, custom vacations come in. Opting for a highly tailored travel experience means that every part of your trip is dictated by your personal passions. Whether you’re a wine lover, history buff, or adrenaline junkie, you and your interests take center stage on these kinds of trips—and you’ll return home with new knowledge about your passions that you just can’t glean from books or websites.


We’ll Plan the Best Vacation Just for You

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