When you search “travel agents near me,” chances are a lot of results pop up. How do you know which travel agents you should work with? Every travel agency is different, so it helps to know what to look out for as you compare travel agencies. Use this guide to ensure you end up working with a travel agent uniquely suited to your needs.


6 Questions to Ask as You Search for Travel Agents Near Me

On this Page you’ll find questions to ask to find the right travel agents near me:

  1. What are you hoping to get out of working with a travel agent?
  2. How can I tell if a particular travel agent is right for me?
  3. Doe the location of the travel agent matter?
  4. Is the travel agent a real travel expert?
  5. Can the travel agency get you a good deal?
  6. Are the travel agents near me offering competitive pricing?


Here are 6 things to consider when you start searching, “travel agents near me”:


1. What are you hoping to get out of working with a travel agent?

Travel agents often act more as travel advisors, dispensing advice and expertise to match their clients with the best vacation for their unique needs.

Travel agents today do so much more than simply book an airline ticket or cruise cabin. Make sure you’re aware of all the services your travel agent offers as you start to plan your trip together.


These travel services may include:

  • A complimentary consultation call to learn more about your needs
  • Researching travel options and crafting custom itineraries
  • Booking flights and hotel
  • Arranging special tours and activities
  • Offering support while you travel


2. How can I tell if a particular travel agent is right for me

Okay, you’ve Googled “travel agency near me” and found a couple of good travel agencies.


How do know which travel agent you should work with?

Well, every travel agency is different.

Some travel agencies specialize in specific kinds of travel — like luxury travel, family travel, group travel, romance travel — or specific travel destinations.

Other travel agencies may stand out to you by how well they serve their clients (which you can tell by reading testimonials).

To help you pick the best travel agents to work with, think about

  • Does the travel agency specialize in a type of travel, destination, or travel style (like cruising)?
  • Do they have positive testimonials from past clients?
  • How long have they been working in the travel industry?
  • Do they have special certifications?


How a travel agency answers these questions helps them stand out from other agencies out there — and helps you to know whether it’s the right travel agency for your vacation needs.


3. Does the location of the travel agent matter?

These days, the location of a travel agency matters much less than factors like the agency’s areas of expertise, commitment to service, and the value they bring to their clients’ vacations.

That’s because many travel agencies today work with clients all across the U.S., even if they have a physical location.

This way, you get the best of both worlds.

If you decide to work with a travel agency that’s local to you, you can go into the office for a consultation.

But if you find an agency that seems like a good fit but is not local, that’s okay — many travel agencies work with clients over the phone and through email. Working with an online travel agency gives you the freedom to choose travel specialists who truly fit your needs, no matter where they’re located!

To put it simply — a travel agency’s depth of knowledge is what matters most, whether they’re in your backyard or not!


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4. Is the travel agent a real travel expert?

It’s not simply enough to search “travel agency near me” — you want to make sure the agent you work with is a true professional.

A travel agent with in-depth knowledge will be able to craft a truly outstanding vacation for you. 


Crafting the Perfect Vacation For Your Needs and Budget

When it comes to crafting the perfect vacation, it pays to book with a real travel expert.

Travel agents that boast plenty of experience and expertise in the travel industry will be able to design an itinerary that fits your needs, and your budget.

Plus, when you work with a qualified agent who’s experienced, they may have better relationships with travel suppliers (like resorts, hotels, and cruise lines) and may be able to score you extra perks or amenities.


Expertise and Focus on Travel Specialities

Look for travel agencies that have years of experience under their belt and a clear focus on distinct travel specialties — like honeymoons, family trips, and all inclusive vacations — within their travel agency.


5. Can the travel agency get you a good deal?

Like mentioned above, reputable travel agents have nurtured relationships with their favorite travel suppliers.

That means those travel suppliers will treat the agency’s clients extra well.

Many travel agents also have access to special package pricing that can be hard to find online.


Getting the Best Value for Your Buck and Needs

Keep in mind, though, that working with an expert travel agent is more about getting the best value for your vacation, not necessarily the best “deal.”

A travel agent that’s truly looking out for you won’t recommend a certain resort or hotel, for example, if it doesn’t fit your needs — even if it has rock-bottom pricing.

The biggest perk of working with a travel agency is knowing that all of the recommended properties and travel activities come fully vetted by a trusted expert.

The biggest perk of working with a travel agency — knowing you've got a trusted expert looking out for you. Click To Tweet


6. Are travel agents near me offering competitive pricing?

Typically, yes.

Travel agents provide pricing that’s competitive with what you find online — and sometimes even better.

That’s because a good travel agent will take the time to do research that reveals the best travel options for your needs and budget.

Keep in mind that some travel agencies charge a planning fee for their services that’s applied on top of the cost of your vacation.

Many other agencies do not, offering complimentary planning services for their clients.


Travel Agent Myths — and the Truth About Travel Agencies

Not everything you’ve heard about working with travel agents is true.

As you search for “travel agency near me,” make sure you can separate fact from fiction.


Here are a few myths you may have heard about travel agents that just aren’t true when it comes to experienced, trustworthy travel agencies:

  • “I can book the same trip online”. Not True — expert travel agents pull from a deep well of knowledge to craft the perfect vacation for you. There’s so much information online that you just don’t know who to trust. Working with a travel agent brings you incredible peace of mind that you just won’t get when you book yourself.
  • “Travel agents only book with properties that offer the highest commission.” Not True — reputable travel agents always put their clients’ needs first, not commissions. If a travel agency has been around for a while and shows off client testimonials, you can trust that that agency has a long history of doing what’s best for their clients.
  • “All travel agents are the same.” Not True — that’s why it’s so important to look beyond travel agencies that are near you to find the perfect fit for your vacation needs. Look for a travel agency that has a long track record of delivering for clients, specializes in the type of vacation experience you’re after, and offers a personalized service with a complimentary consultation call. During that call, you can determine if a particular agency is truly right for you.


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