Tuscany Travel – Client Italy Travel Journal: The following entry is an excerpt from Esther’s own vacation journal. Our travel advisor team here here at Southern Travel Agency were honored to help Esther plan her exploration of these beautiful countries, and we are excited to share her story. 

Photo by Cristina Gottardi on Unsplash

Chapter 3: Tuscany Travel – Esther’s Tuscan Countryside Vacation Experience

“I met Elio, my driver at 9 AM and we leave Florence to explore the Tuscan Countryside. First stop was Siena where we picked up Monica, my guide. We walked the town of Siena which was beautiful.

After lunch, we said goodbye to Monica and Elio and I continued through the Tuscan countryside to the towns of Pienza and Montepulciano with a few stops on the way to take pictures. We arrived at Castello di Spaltenna at 6:30. This is a 14th century Castello built as a monastery. It is beautiful. I am staying in a building that was used to house guest hundreds of years ago. And oh, by the way, if you think I am getting good at this walking concept, you should see my stair climbing techniques. The only way to get to my room is up and down 67 steps. I’m almost already a pro now. 

Dinner at a Michelin Restaurant

Dinner tonight was in a Michelin restaurant. The food was delicious and the service was impeccable. That is until they totally cleared away everything on the table including the empty glass of wine AND the napkin. I sat alone at a totally empty table for 25 minutes and still no check after asking for it twice. I finally got up and walked out with all 7 of the staff running after me telling me there was a glitch in the computer. I said I wasn’t waiting one more minute and to charge it to my room which they could have done 25 minutes earlier. My suggestion, if you eat at a Michelin Restaurant pay for it in advance. Otherwise, the wonderful dinner may be ruined. 

Touring the Town of San Gimignano

On Saturday morning I was picked up at the Castello by Elio and driven to the town of San Gimignano where we met Monica again. She gave me another great tour. Lunch was at a delicious restaurant that Monica’s mother used to cook at. It was fun being with someone who knew everybody in town.

I had a much-needed rest in the afternoon, went to the pub for a snack, and to bed early.

Exploring Orvieto and Rome

On Sunday morning I checked out of the Castello and Elio drove me to Orvieto to tour and lunch. Then on to Rome. The Tuscan country is really beautiful. I hate to leave it and the two people that have done such a good job taking care of me.” 


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