Thanksgiving is the perfect time to stop and reflect on all that you’re grateful for. At Southern Travel Agency, we’re all so grateful to work in an industry as fun as travel! We spent some time reflecting on why we’re thankful to work with our clients at STA and we wanted to share our thoughts with you, below. We’d love to hear what you’re thankful for this season (whether it’s travel related or not)! Share your Thanksgiving thoughts with us on our Facebook page.

What Our Travel Experts at Southern Travel are Grateful for this Thanksgiving

Here’s what the agents at STA are thankful for today:

Mike Kerbelis, owner: 

“Our clients come from all walks of life, and they do some of the most interesting things with their travel experiences, from going on safaris to family reunions to stays in ice hotels (we’ve had a client recently book a room in one!). Because of our experience and knowledge, we’re able to exceed our clients’ expectations for their travel dreams — and that’s what we’re all so grateful to do. I’m also thankful for the personal relationships we develop with our clients; the interesting people that we meet often become our friends. It’s fun when we bump into them in the community. We’re intimately involved in their personal lives through travel, and we’re grateful that our clients trust us in that regard.”

Lauren Kerbelis:

“I’m grateful that at Southern Travel Agency, the staff is like a family and we all work together as a team. We have great chemistry in the office! But the main reason I love what I do is that our clients also turn into family. I’ve grown close with a lot of my clients, and I feel like I’ve watched their kids grow up.  And I’m grateful to work in travel because it’s an exciting industry that’s forever changing, and there’s always a challenge. I love the sense of exploring and experiencing different cultures and places, and working in travel has given me the opportunity to see the world.”

Jane Roberson:

“I’m thankful for working here because I enjoy the people with whom I work, and enjoy meeting new people when I take on new clients. Plus, they’re not just clients to us — we include clients in our travel family, and we really get to know them. Working with my clients constantly provides me with new experiences and changes my outlook on things at times. It’s a fun job!”

Jay Pruszynski: 

“I love to travel myself, so I love that I’m able to give my clients the gift of travel. I’m grateful that I get to help my clients experience what the world has to offer outside of Augusta — especially since I think traveling allows them to appreciate not only where they’re going, but where they’re at. Whether I’m booking a honeymoon for newlyweds or planning a trip for an older couple that’s working on a bucket list, to be a part of their adventures is so special. And I’m thankful to be working in the travel industry, where all day I get to talk to other people about the things I enjoy — travel!

Above all, we’re thankful for YOU, our clients.

Happy Thanksgiving from all of us at Southern Travel Agency!

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